Lipstick and Rollers

The life and times of yet ANOTHER vintage loving doll

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Is amazing already!
Phil is a full time developer and I’m going back to uni, and we are officially planning to marry in 2015! Yippee! :)

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I’m very glad of a few things.

Apart from all the people I have met or been friends or enemies with in the past few years, I’ve come up looking okay.

1. I’m not pregnant/have a kid.
You can love the fetus all you want, but I’m very happy that I get to spend my pay at the MAC counter, not nappies.

2. Going back to uni after a really hard time in my life; I cut out a bunch of people who I realized couldn’t care less how sick I was, didn’t even NOTICE I was sick and didn’t bother when I really needed them, and it’s for the better.

3. My relationship gets better every day. 6 years soon :)

4. My circle of friends is amazing, Ive re-connected with an old friend and it feels wonderful.

5. My baby (cat) gives me the greatest joy, and anybody who says mental illness can’t be cured with an animal is crazy.

6. My job is amazing and I love making women feel great about their bodies!

7. Phil is on his way to a professional life.

8. Part-time uni, to ease me back in incase I need to bail again…

9. New house! Looking for a place where I can have a god damn dishwasher…

10. Healthy! Eating better, trying harder, hoping to god that I get my tonsils out this year.

Hope you all have an enlightening 2014

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0209. The Lady from Shanghai (1948)

Excerpt: Noir grows in your blood. When you come to love noir, you’ll appreciate a film like The Lady from Shanghai all the more. It’s noir on speed, noir on crack, so hyper-realized that it makes all the other classic noirs pale in comparison. It’s SO evil, SO shadowy, SO gritty, it’s almost understandable why it pissed off the head honchos of Hollywood. Welles never liked to play by the rules; he preferred to toss the rulebook out the window. Welles does noir well, but it’s his way, with everything to the extreme. No other way would work for him. It’s what makes his films his.